1. Find A Property
      •  Explore our listings

      •  Register

      •  Contact the agent to arrange a viewing

      •  Confirm your details with the agent

      •  The agent authorises your account

2. Bidding
      •  Place your bid online

      •  Monitor bids others are making

      •  Get instant updates if you are outbid

      •  Check for instructions once your bid is accepted

      •  Lodge the booking deposit to the agents clients account

3. Contracts
      •  The agent instructs the vendors solicitors to send your solicitor the contract

      •  Your solicitor conducts due diligence

      •  All parties sign the contract

      •  Pay the balance of 10% to your solicitors

4. Close
      •  The vendors solicitors now issue your solicitors with closing documentation

      •  Your solicitor draws down the funds from your lender

      •  All parties sign the closing documents

      •  Pay the balance of funds to your solicitors

      •  Congratulations, you've bought a property